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Everyday BehaviorTools Instructor Certification Course - ONLINE
2/13/2024 | 4 Day Class | 9AM to 5PM | In-Person Training | Seats Available
Online - , Web Based Training

NOTE - THIS IS A WEB-BASED COURSE - all interactions will take place online through telecommunication. PCMA’s Everyday Behavior Tools course is strictly a non-physical curriculum that has been shown to improve interactions between teachers, staff, caregivers, and those they assist resulting in important outcomes such as less hands-on crisis intervention and problem behaviors. While the material is consistent with behavioral research and principles, it is presented in an extraordinarily "user friendly" way. This course is taught through PowerPoint presentation (with imbedded videos) and active role-play with each of the participants. Tool 1: Strengthen Behavior Tool 2: Maximize Relationships Tool 3: Pivot Tool 4: Non-Reactive Response Tool 5: Interrupt & Redirect Behavior Tool 6: Setting Expectations Tool 7: Using a Written Contract

Course Registration: $1650.00

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